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Our "Eagle Eyes"

Stopping fraud is very important to us, and we dedicate significant resources—funding, people, informational materials and technology—to help prevent it.

One of those resources is training. We educate our Agents on scams and empower them to help stop fraudulent transactions.

Also, our “Eagle Eye” program rewards Agent employees who demonstrate exceptional effort and effectiveness in helping protect our customers against fraud.

Read about some of the recent winners below:

Shannon - Amarillo, Texas

    When a customer came into Shannon's location and told Shannon she was sending money to her grandson in Mexico City, Shannon was alert. She told the customer that the story sounded suspicious, and advised her to contact her grandson. The customer said she had spoken with her grandson that morning, and gave Shannon $2,000 for the transaction.

    Still, Shannon knew something wasn't right. She asked the assistant store director to call the customer’s daughter to check the story. It turns out that the grandson wasn't in Mexico City at all. Shannon stopped the transaction immediately, and refunded the money.

    Thanks to Shannon's quick thinking, the customer got her $2,000 back, and Shannon received a Western Union Eagle Eye award.

Pete - Fruitland, Maryland

    When a customer came into Pete's location, asked for a refund on a transaction that was never picked up, and then asked to send money to that same person in Jamaica, Pete saw a red flag. He asked the man if he knew the receiver—and the answer was no, the customer had never met him.

    Pete told the customer he would no longer allow him to send money to that receiver, and that the person in Jamaica was trying to scam him.

    Pete helped open the customer's eyes, and was able to stop this fraudulent transaction before it happened.


We go out into local communities to talk with people about the types of scams they should be aware of and share tips on how to avoid them. We do this educational outreach in partnership with organizations like Adult Protective Services and local law enforcement. Select a state below to learn more.

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February 2012

Arvada Seniors Expo - Denver, CO

March 2012
Windcrest Seniors Expo - Denver, CO
Colorado Consumer Protection Division - Denver, CO

April 2012
American Case Management Association (ACMA) - Denver, CO
Adams County Seniors Conference - Denver, CO

May 2012
Salute to Seniors - Denver, CO

July 2012
National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (N4A) - Denver, CO
Senior Law Day - Denver, CO

September 2012
Western Union's National Key Account Conference - Denver, CO
Train the Trainer for Texas FCCLA - Denver, CO

November 2012
Lifesmarts - Denver Bootcamp - Denver, CO

February 2013
Lifesmarts CO Competition - Westminister, CO

May 2013
DA Senior Summit - Denver, CO
Salute to Seniors - Denver, CO



Texas Better Business Bureau - Houston, TX

January 2013
Operation S.A.F.E Senior Anti-Fraud Education - North Richland Hills, TX

April 2013
ACFE Chapter 17: 7th Annual Training Seminar: Electronic Fraud Trends & Threats - San Antonia, TX


April 2013
LifeSmarts National Competition - Atlanta, GA



Baby Boomer Senior Expo - San Jose, CA

February 2013
Boomer Lifestyle Show - Pleasanton, CA

May 2013
Adult Protective Services - San Bernardino County, CA



April 2012
Med-Trade - Las Vegas, NV

california nevada utah colorado arizona nebraska texas illinios kentucky newyork pennsylvania virginia ncar newmexico florida georgia


March 2012
Harrisburg Adult Protective Services Conference - Harrisburg, PA

April 2012
Lifesmarts - Philadelphia, PA


February 2012
Fraud College - Salt Lake City, UT

October 2012
Senior Fraud Summit - Salt Lake City, UT

March 2013
Utah Adult Protective Services Training - Salt Lake City, UT


October 2012
National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) - AZ

February 2013
All Things Senior Expo - Scottsdale, AZ

December 2012
Annual Elders Issues Training - Lincoln, NE


May 2012
Support our Seniors - Chicago/Schaumburg, IL

July 2012
Illinois Department of Aging - Chicago/Schaumburg, IL

August 2012
Illinois State TRIAD Conference - Joliet, IL

March 2013
American Society on Aging - Chicago, IL


October 2012
Louisville Seniors Day - Louisville, KY
New York

October 2012
New York State Department of Consumer Protection - Albany, NY

May 2012
Virginia Coalition for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (VCPEA) - Virginia Beach, VA

June 2012
SENTARA Health Fair - Virginia Beach, VA

November 2012
Virginia Network for Victims & Witnesses of Crime - Williamsburg, VA
North Carolina

October 2012
Charlotte Seniors Day - Charlotte, NC
New Mexico

May 2013
SWACHA Albuquerque - Albuquerque, NM

May 2013
Orlando Senior Show - Orlando, FL
Jacksonville Senior Expo - Jacksonville, FL

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